NH Choles-K (4g x 23 sachets)


Drink to Lower Cholesterol Naturally
NH Choles-K, a heart-smart tea comprising green tea and botanicals like the hawthorn fruit, lotus leaves, cassia seeds and coix seeds. Working to keep your cholesterol levels in check and your heart healthy, the hawthorn fruit in particular, is especially potent in helping to lower cholesterol. Take control of your health now. Enjoy a soothing cup of NH Choles-K everyday while giving some love to your heart!

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Product Feature:
• All-natural botanical tea blends
• Comes in individually packed sachet
• Suitable for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle
• No added drug, sugar, preservative, artificial flavouring and colouring

Direction of Use:
Place 1 teabag into a cup of hot water (about 250ml) and steep for 3-5 minutes. Take 1-2 teabag daily after meals.

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