NH Bird’s Nest Aloe Vera plus Lemongrass (180ml x 4 bottles)


Refreshing Harmony
Elevate your senses with NH Bird’s Nest Aloe Vera plus Lemongrass, a wellness and tasty harmony. Immerse in the natural richness of our 26% Snow Bird’s Nest infusion, enhanced with chunky Aloe Vera pulps, the zestiness of Lemongrass, and Marine Collagen Peptide. Compounds found in Aloe Vera may improve your digestive health and Lemongrass is able to promote relaxation. NH Bird’s Nest Aloe Vera plus Lemongrass redefines enjoyment by providing a delightful and nourishing sipping experience.

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Product Feature:
• Ready to drink
• Comes in 180ml per bottle with generous portions
• All-natural ingredients used
• No added preservative, artificial flavouring and colouring

Direction of Use:
Ready to drink and can be enjoyed warm or cold. Take 1 bottle daily before meal.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11.5 × 15 cm

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