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How Does Tummy Develop?

The accumulation of excrement and toxins

Everyone has to eat to survive. As we consume more food, a lot of solid waste, toxins and fat are accumulated in our intestine. If these substances are not properly digested and channeled to our wastage system, our waistline will expand as a result. Not only that, our blood circulation and body metabolic rate will also decrease and subsequently problems such as poor digestion, degeneration of digestive system and detoxification process will occur. Eventually this condition will lead to developing bulging tummy.


The accumulation of fat

Bad eating habits such as over consumption of oily foods or food that is high in calories will cause excess energy to be converted into fat that is stored in the body. Over time, situation will worsen if one is busy with work and does not exercise. As such, excessive fat will accumulate and stored at the stomach area, causing bulging tummy.


Special case

Bulging tummy can also be caused by certain sickness or due to excessive intake of certain dangerous hormone or medicine. It can also be due to abnormal body system.


Bad eating habit

We will not be able to digest our food properly if we consume food 3-5 hours before sleeping. The excess energy will be converted to fat and subsequently stored in our waist and stomach area.