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3 Main Functions

Slims the waist and tummy
  • Increases the transformation fat to energy.
  • Absorbs excessive water and oil in cell-cell body.
  • Targets mainly to eliminate the stubborn fat areas on waist, tummy, tights and buttocks.
Re-firms the skin texture and prevent excess curve after fats elimination.

Eliminates the orange peels and excess curve caused by obesity by promoting blood circulation, then firm-up the loose skin tissue on tummy area to prevent excess curve and regenerate skin elasticity and slim up your body curve. Thus, it can enhance slimming effect by removing fats completely and avoids ‘yoyo effect’.

Strengthening digestive system and detoxification

Improves the health of digestive system and strengthens the ability of the body to release toxins naturally, relieves constipation, helps the body to eliminate waste and toxins completely and comfortably.