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Frequently Asked Questions

How does X-Tummy capsule work?

Firstly, NH X-Tummy will improve the blood circulation and system metabolism in the body to break down stubborn fat which accumulated at stomach and waist area. It focuses more on the fatty cells which are hidden in the inner skin. Through excrement, NH X-Tummy also eliminates waste and fat in the stomach, buttocks and thighs.

Thus, it reduces the body fat percentage. At the same time, X-Tummy is able to tighten up loose skin texture especially after the break down of fat cells to enhance slimming effect.

Does X-Tummy cause a high frequency of bowel movements?

One function of X-Tummy is to stimulate the bowel movement to cleanse the bowel while flushing out all waste and excrements in the bowel. It helps in bowel movement, but the frequency is not as many as 3-5 times, and it is not a cause for serious stomach pain.

Does X-Tummy have any side effects?

Definitely no. X-Tummy has been clinically proven and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia. As X-Tummy is produced using 100% natural ingredients and using the BIO-technology application, therefore X-Tummy does not contain harmful substances like fenfluramine or sibutramine, so it can be consume safely. You will not feel much hunger, tiredness or experience loss of water and nutrients in the body after taking it.

How soon can I see the results?

Usually you can feel the effect after 12 hours upon consumption. Your tummy will be flatter after 1 month of consumption. However, the effectiveness of X-Tummy varies from one individual to another individual.

Should X-Tummy consume before meal?

Yes, it is because consumption NH X-Tummy before meal can effectively break down oil in foods in order to avoid the oil change to fat and assemble in the certain parts of body.

Can we take the product together with other modern medicine?

Yes. For best result, it is recommended to wait about 4 hours before taking taking other supplement and medicine.